Studies and experimentations’ project of new forms of citizen debates, where disagreements are made to better understand the issues and build each one’s own opinion.


 Convinced that innovation is born from hybridization as well as confrontation, the IDF considers that public debate is running out of spaces to differ opinions. For many people, the conflict has replaced the debate and even institutions in charge of public debate are struggling to organize useful and fertile controversies to enhance individual and collective reflections!


Given this fact, and because the IDF wants to contribute to this new world, we develop and test new forms of public debate based on pedagogical, technological and aesthetical experimentation.


2 controversies for public utility organized every year. Each debate will include 3 steps:

  • PREPARATION: instruction and mapping of the subject, datavisualisations, meeting and preparation of players.
  • CONTROVERSY: a live controversy in a public place, more than 60 participants as various as possible, an innovative and participative animation, a technological interface to encourage the debate.
  • CAPITALIZING & SPREADING : Spreading the benefits of the controversy by mapping the arguments, extension of the controversy on the web, feedbacks.

Report                                                                         Research note

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