Abecedaire couv


In life, there are some privileged moments when suddenly, everything is silent, everything deviates, everything stops. We live a moment of infinity. Our entire soul comes alive with sweetness and joy. A great peace is distilled in the air. It is when darkness falls, or when the sun rises, it’s at the first page of a book or at the end of a movie, it’s in front of a blue sky or a rainy day, it’s in the middle of the forest or in a subway train … There it is. Something happens. Something extraordinary, who shuddered in silence, singing under the stars. A revelation, a secret is unveiled.


We all live moments of infinity. Magical, intangible, simple or poetic … Our bet in this book is to share it with you. Our desire: to inspire each other, communicate us energy, dreams or questions, and then create, create together the world after. Let’s engage ourselves in this amazing adventure that we are all responsible : building our future.


Maud LC, artiste résidente de la lab session 2 de l’Institut des Futurs Souhaitables

The Alphabet book of Reinvention is the first work of the Institute, and it’s mostly a fabulous collaborative work of the 20 explorers from Lab Session # 2. Initiated and illustrated by their resident artist Maud Louvrier-Clerc, and formatted by Nicolas Soulabail, the ABC’s is 52 positive conspirators, who, from a word, a question, a text or a poetry, share their vision of the world of After and imagine desirable futures.

More informations : contact@futurs-souhaitables.org