The Lab Session is the IDF’s study, monitoring and training cycle in Prospective, Innovation and Sustainable Developement.

Assisted by more than 150 experts, practitioners and artists, we organize and animate intellectual explorations (Lab Sessions) to better navigate and project into the world of tomorrow.


WHAT ? The Lab Session is an experience to be lived. A six-month intellectual journey to the futur during which 25 participants from diverse backgrounds, along with a team of more than 50  speakers will explore the limits of the existing in order to go beyond  them.


WHY ? Offering to the decision-makers to change of outlook, to detect weak signals, by drawing to their attention to experimentations which hold great promises for the future, the IDF wants to give inspiration and empowerment so that everyone can build…one’s desirable futures.


FOR  WHOM ? Decision-makers coming from companies, State, public organizations, NGO’s, medias or Arts, 25 travelers that “get together without being alike”. The diversity of the group is a key element of the experience, allowing rich interaction, opening up to a wide range of solutions, bringing fertile hybridization. 3 qualities characterise our travelers : curiosity, kindness and the will to build desirable futures together.

HOW ? Our 25 travelers will :

  • Explore the limits of what we know to overcome them (demography, biodiversity, climat change, global governance, energy, food security…)
  • Project into the world that comes after to better anticipate it (free currencies, biomimicry, transition territories, new management utopias, open source/open data, transhumanism…)
  • Handle tools for apprehending a fast-shifting world (controversies factors of change, weak signals, complexity Vs complication…)
  • Dialog with major witnesses for inspiration (Patrick Viveret, Dominique Bourg, Jean-Paul Delevoye, Cynthia Fleury…)
  • Co-build desirable futures scenarios (strategic prospective, scenario method) and open up avenues to provide a way to realize them

Informations & inscriptions

  • 2 training sessions : may-october or november-april 2015 in Paris
  • 16 days+ 1 event
  • 128 hours
  • 12 000 € (excluding tax)* for companies
  • 6 000 € HT* (excluding tax) for associations and territorial organs
  • 1 200 € for job applicants

*A participation shouldn’t be prevented solely because of a financial motive. Contact us !

Jean-Luc Verreaux :
+33 (0)6 17 01 19 68

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