An interactive learning experience to better understand today’s world complexity, tomorrows critical issues and build our desirables futures.



Everything is interconnected : energy, climate change, food security, global governance… To better understand the the complexity of today’s world, we must provide educational material that is adapted to the needs of the citizens. Post-R aims to facilitate a wide understanding of the issues raised by human development to invite the citizens of every country to invent desirable futures.


Post-R offer to an enlarged and international public a free, innovative, multimedia educational material both in English and French languages to

  • Acquire knowledge about the state of the world
  • Identify the stakes behind a developing world
  • Foster a healthy degree of questioning to better apprehend desirable futures


Aestheticizing complexity through datadesign, infography, videos, to create the desire to go further on these topics.

12 dynamic supports for 12 topics / 1 metasupport to see all the interconnexions between the topics

  • Energy
  • Food Security
  • Climate
  • Biodiversity
  • Global Governance
  • Metals 
  • Water
  • Population
  • Sustainable Developement 
  • Finance 
  • Health 
  • Democracy

For each Post-R :

  • Storytelling a plan to browse all the ideas in each area
  • Figures, data design, videos for pedagogic support
  • 3 paths for the user, 3 reading times : 15 min to go straight to the point – 45 min to dig deeper and more
  • A multidisciplinary and international scientific and educational framing: an internationally renowned expert for each poster, a partnership with WeDoData, datadesign experts


as a preview during  the «  Futur en Seine » festival in Paris  at the Innovations Village

In partnership with :

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