Adressed to companies and organizations, the IDF creates and animates “Reinvention Workshops” using the prospective approach and mobilizing collective intelligence to inspire strategic thinking, foster questioning and to finally reinvent.

  WHAT ? Going beyond a mere study of trends, Reinvention Workshops allow you to see further and wider to open the field of possibilities and engage a collective thinking.   3 DIMENSIONS

  • Open...With a future-oriented approach,  in order to see “farther, wider and together ”
  • Inspire... By meeting pioneers who experiment here and now new models that may be  tomorrow’s reality
  • Animate… Mixing creativity with innovative and engaging animations

FOR WHOM ? Companies, organizations, NGOs, institutions … and any team that wants to open its thinking, share questions and identify some courses of action. HOW ?

  • Introductive speeches to broaden horizons  and tell the story of our various explorations in the Futures (weak signals, critical issues, desirable elements), followed by focus groups to discuss and understand the impact of these changes on crafts, products and services and the organizations themselves
  • Experts presentations on specific and inspiring topics
  • IDF’s pedagogical methods: creativity sessions (Desirable Futures Championship to invent  innovative projects, controversies animation; “what Ifs”)
  • A unique approach, the IDF’s ‘Touch’: diversity of actors,  aestheticizing complexity and a offbeat tone