Let’s build desirable futures together

You want to join the “positive conspirators” community and contribute to build desirable futures ?

3 ways to support us and get involved in the movement :

1. Communicate and relay our projects

You are a journalist or blogger, a social network or media fan, passionate networker, go-betweener… By becoming an ambassador of the desirable futures, you spread “call to action optimism” and talk about the Institute around you to make the community grow !

2. Test and implement our tool and experimentations

you are “doers” and “makers”, testers and propagators of empowering optimism. By using our tools and contribute to their improvement (Positive conspirators Kit, Desirable Championship, pedagogical supports Post’Era, Controversy protocol …) you set in motion change where you are.

3. Make a donation (in money, in kind or in competence)

You believe in our projects and you want to donate to the IDF ? Discover our wish list! Each one of your contributions will be valuable and will participate in their implementation. By supporting us, you will join the IDF’s ecosystem within a community of innovative changemakers building the world of tomorrow.

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The IDF is a non-profit organization, its donator benefit from these following tax-benefits :

  • For individuals: Private donations are deductible from income tax up to 66% of their value within the limit of 20% of taxable income (Law of 1 August 2003 published in Official Gazette of August 3, 2003). Thus a donation of 100 € will actually costs 34 €.
  • For companies: Corporate donations (sponsorship) are tax deductible up to 60% within five thousandths of sales (Article 238 bis of the General Tax Code). So a gift of € 1,000 will actually costs 400 €.

Some partner companies can engage more fully alongside the IDF by getting involved directly into the works of the IDF and will receive other benefits. By becoming a partner of the IDF, you will support an innovative project that contributes to the emergence of new ways of living and working together. You will benefit from prospective monitoring of ideas, desirable initiatives and experiments, events. You will get a corporate visibility on the IDF’s website site of the FIs. Contact us! (contact@futurs-souhaitables.org)