«An old world is dying away, and a new world struggles to come forth. And if, as Antonio Gramsci says, “in this chiaroscuro monsters arise”, we have no choice but to note that creators set sail from it. Because now is exactly the time to go. Time to unburden ourselves of the contingencies of a world on the wane to explore the realities of a world that comes after. To change one’s way of seeing the world and to realize that the future is already here, and that this emergence is close to the surface from all sides. It’s time to make one’s mind mobile to try to look with fresh eyes a world where everything has to be reinvented.»

Mathieu Baudin, CEO of the Institute for Desirable Futures


The Institute For Desirable Futures is a non-profit organization whose mission in to rehabilitate the long-term in present decisions and to inspire the public debate of desirable futures. Laboratory, factory and workshop for ideas, the IDF defines itself as an intellectual Fab Lab, a shared and hybrid space of reflexion, experimentation and creation where everybody in his/her field of activity will be able to find tools and resources to reinvent.


Our raison d’être

From a necessary reinvention…towards desirable futures.

In this peculiar time where a historical economic crises, environmental and societal challenges, the 21st century witnesses a revolution. Rarefaction, obsolescences, excesses…our economical, political and social models don’t seem able to meet such challenges. There are two possible ways of reacting to this finding. Tension : and keeping believing in the gains of our power, hoping to pass through an intimidating wall towards an uncertain future. Or reinvention, a unique opportunity to experiment another development towards a desired future. The Institute for Desirable Futures shares this approach at a key moment where, all over the world, people bearing concrete innovations reveal themselves and come together.

In this avant-garde boom, we see the opportunity to imagine futures by paying attention to these innovations and the opportunity to reintroduce the long-term perspectives to think the challenges of tomorrow. We are convinced that calling the creative energies, wherever they come from, and experimenting beyond conventional frameworks will help us to collectively build desirable futures. That is our bet.

Our mission

We want to contribute to this emerging new World, by linking in a same ecosystem these explorers and volunteers of the century to come, offering them a singular and friendly space of empowerment, a resource center, a factory of fertile questioning where we collectively take the time of complexity to experiment here and now solutions for the future. While carrying a systemic look on a changing world, the IDF wishes to participate in such a transition with optimism, experimentation and pedagogic innovation.


How ?

 By proposing a new prospective looking-forward attitude :

  • An empowering optimism to build tomorrow ; our leitmotif : THE BEST IS YET TO COME
  • A new pedagogic experience to explore, project and build one’s desirable futures
  • Making the beautiful work for the useful, offering a priviledged place to the arts in our exporations and translations
  • A poetics of action, to write in this time of metamorphosis a Great Story of the World that Comes After
  • A culture of experimentation and boldness, to learn from mistakes no less than from our resounding successes, because « at worst…it works»
  • The whole colored by this “touch”  that characterizes us ; it allows us to treat serious issues with an offbeat, humorous, and optimistic tone to generate enthusiasm and call to action


For whom ?We want to adress all those who question themselves on our society and who would like to participate, in a way or another, to the building of desirable futures, wether it’s in companies, public or private organizations, territorial authorities, major organs of the State, associations, professions of the culture and the arts.