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Our job

The Institute for desirable Futures,
a school of reinvention

In this special time of change, we have an unique opportunity to redesign the future to make it better. The Institute is aimed at all those who want to seize this opportunity to create a world which is more desirable.
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An open hybrid school, the Institute provides people with insights for interpreting the present, and creative tools to help them contribute to building this new world.

  • A new educational style enabling understanding, exploration and acquisition of appropriate tools
  • A community of re-inventors providing inspiration, debate and diverse perspectives on industry sectors
  • Spaces and events for sharing, connecting and taking action
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This innovative educational system comprises:

  • Training in the exploration of the future and an understanding of the present
  • Workshops to experiment with collective intelligence and prepare for the Future
  • Conferences to inspire and open up new horizons
  • Tools to better understand the present and to take actionet se mettre en mouvement

Our Individuality

The individuality of the Institute is based on new forward-looking attitudes and enthusiam :

  • Aggressive optimism in building the future
  • A new learning experience, to identify and project yourself
  • Listening to weak signals, to take inspiration from new models
  • Hybridization of people and subjects at the heart of learning processes
  • An aestheticization of complexity, to better understand it
  • Poetry in action, to write a great account of our Future World together
  • A culture of experimentation, because at worst…it works !

Our school wants to:


  • Welcoming
  • Open
  • Audacious
  • Poetic
  • Optimistic
  • Offbeat
  • Hybridized

Our experts

Our associates

The Institute is surrounded by many « associate » partners with whom the Institute carries out its various daily tasks.

Our team

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